women and beer

"My sister, your grain - its beer is tasty, my comfort.." - Song of Songs; Sumeria, 2100 B.C.

Established in March 2011 Project Venus UK and Eire was inspired by the Pink Boots Society in American which aims to promote and further educate women in brewing and beer. Each beer style is chosen by the hosting brewster (female brewer) and the recipe is collaborated on through social networking sites. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter on the links below and click through the beers to discover what we've made so far and who's involved.

About us

We come from all over the UK and Eire to brew beer every couple of months at one of our breweries under the Project Venus name, a collaboration project celebrating women producing, drinking and generally enjoying beer.

"Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world" - Kaiser Wellhelm